Is Bonsai cruel or Against the nature?

Bonsai is against the nature?Is Bonsai method cruel on plants?

here we go

Bonsai is a miniature tree inspired by the nature itself.There are stunted trees in nature because of various phenomenon.Tree in different places grow differently in nature.Factors which affect their growth include sunlight,soil,humidity and many more.

Remember that the Universe is a collection of many creations and Bonsai is one among them.God is there every where then why do we need statues?Similarly trees are there every where why do we need a Bonsai.A bonsai is a miniature representation of trees in nature.
A bonsai plant is similar to any potted gardening plant.By keeping pots in our surrounding are we torturing them?By plucking flowers and fruits in a plant are we harming them?It is okay if a plant is used for Ayurveda(plucked,chopped,dried and grinded)but it’s not okay if the plant is used for an art called Bonsai.

Technically pruning of a bonsai helps in creation of new buds and helps in increasing the health of the plant.Wiring helps to keep the plant in a shape.Wires are removed later and are used if required only.Bonsai trees are not starved or deprived of water or food.They are watered very carefully depending on the season,size of the pot,nature of the soil and environment.They are always kept in place where there is plenty of sunlight.If the weather is too hot,its kept in shade.if they are attacked by insect we kill them,if they are diseased we cure them.

Re potting,pruning is done to keep the plant healthy and alive.Bonsai is passed from generation to generation and till the end of its life span with utmost care,love and sincerity

If Bonsai was tortured,beaten or punished why would the plant live so long and and remain healthy through out?why wouldn’t all bonsai look weak?Why would they not die immediately?why will they give fruits and flowers if they are hurt?why new shoots if they feel pain?Does a tortured plant live 100 years?

We care for bonsai and are attached to it emotionally.Bonsai has many positive effect on mind and health.One feels relaxed and stress free doing bonsai activities.If the plants were tortured or sick any visitor who visits to see bonsai might feel like visiting a hospital.Instead they find peace of mind and relaxation.They enjoy the beauty and get inspired.We can feel the positive vibe near them.

Bonsai is a healer of soul and a simple method of saving rare trees for future.Every individual cannot keep a tree in front of his home and hence Bonsai tree gives them a great alternative choice. Be positive enjoy the art form.Let the most beautiful and never ending relationship between a bonsai and its owner continue for ever.Thank you

By Ajay ( Bonsai Mane)