Bonsai Myth and Misconception

Bonsai Myth and Misconception

Bonsai Myth and Misconception

Bonsai plants are often subjected to unscientific myths and this article is aimed at clearing Bonsai Myth and Misconception

  • A) The Bonsai plants are natural dwarf varieties

This the most common misunderstood concept.A bonsai by default is not a dwarf plant.It is a normal plant which is trained to be a miniature.It is an art form that can be created using almost any tree.

  • B) Bonsai is a indoor plant

This indoor plant concept is often used by many bonsai seller to attract more customers.Most bonsai are outdoor variety.Bonsai is not a house plant, it can be kept outside the house.Bonsai is usually kept indoor to avoid certain harsh climate like snowfall or cyclone.Bonsai is suitable for garden,balcony or terrace.Remember the school days,when chapters of photosynthesis was taught.Sun light is the chief source of food to the plant.

  • C) The fruits of a Bonsai is small

With proper care and pruning the leaf size of a plant reduces.However the size of fruit is normal.The quantity on the fruit will be lesser than regular plant but quality and size remains unaffected.

  • D) Bonsai is very tough to maintain

Bonsai requires regular care.But it is easy to maintain since the process of maintenance is similar to any potted plant.Since most of the bonsai are already shaped all you require is to water.prune,fertilise and re pot(yearly or as required) for the plant.The bonsai can be kept by anyone who loves these plants.

  • E) Pruning,wiring is a torture to the plant

Wires are not kept permanently and are removed once the stem is thick.Pruning gives birth to new shoots and thus helps in keeping the plant healthy.Some people argue that it is against the nature ,then all potted plants have to be seen in the same way.Why target the Bonsai alone?Bonsai trees are not starved or deprived of nutrition.They are taken care like a child and are the most pampered plant in the garden.

  • F) Any tree in a ceramic pot is a Bonsai

This often happens in few nurseries which tries to over smart the customers.A stick like plant or a twig in a pot will remain a stick or twig no matter how expensive or attractive the pot is.A tree has to be in a good shape and health.Avoid thulasi,rose,marigold etc for bonsai.Its a combination of a good tree and good pot that make a good Bonsai.

  • G) Bonsai plants doesn’t require watering and feeding

Watering is the most important procedure so please water your plants properly.Bonsai requires constant attention.In summer watering can be done twice but during rainy season avoid watering till the surface soil dries.Nutrients are lost during watering hence feed it well .

  • H) Bonsai tree does not grow.

Bonsai is a living plant which requires good care.Since Bonsai is pruned it may not grow tall but definitely new branch and leaf formation,thickening of the trunk,growth of the root keeps happening.The growth in a mature plant may be slow when compared to a young plant.Only an artificial bonsai or a dead bonsai doesn’t grow.A regular bonsai keeps growing,changing and evolving.