Bonsai Philosophy

Bonsai Philosophy

Bonsai makes us Immortal.

Spiritually all the things in the world are connected. The soul is eternal but our physical body dies but only to be sent back to nature.

The basic questions are

Who am I ?
Where i am from ?
Where do i go ?

Everything in this universe has come from one single source of energy particle also known as God. It also means one part of the energy particle split during the formation of universe is still in us. It means that God is there in everything. One has to realize it by awakening our mind.

Speaking of a Tree or in this case a Bonsai, it also has come from the same energy source. A Tree survives for thousands of years collecting all energy sources from surroundings in the form of light, wind, water etc. While it keeps some of them it releases the others to keep a balance.

A Bonsai grower is always associated with his Bonsai. He or she may spend at least half an hour with them. In this way transferring his mind and energy on them. Be it in the form of air one exhales or touch or even watering them. These exchange between the owner and the tree luckily happens for many many years since Bonsai have good life span. The regular care taken towards them also sub consciously draws the owners towards these trees. These energy particles will be stored preciously in these trees in the form of tissue, leaves and branches .Hence keeping the owners breath for ever in itself.

Hence for me it’s important to have such trees which have such life span. Which can grow for years with us and also for years without us. A tree or plant with short span of life when dies it takes away a part of us with it. But a tree with greater life span keeps us even after we die. It will keep our breath, time and energy in it reminding the future generation about us. Its poetic yet realistic.

It keeps us alive in it. Through this way one can tell kids that if they want to remember us forever you need not see the photo or stars in the sky. Just go near these plants feel our presence.

These bonsai when planted in ground will live for hundreds or even thousands of years. Hence it will only be great if our favorite Bonsai are planted on the ground in our memory once we exit of our physical form. Hence making us immortal and also doing our bit to mother nature.

This is truly my perspective or vision. One may agree or disagree.

Author Ajay.H