Fertilising a Bonsai

Introduction to fertilising a bonsai

Applying fertilisers enhances the growth and health of the plant.Organic fertilisers does not harm the Bonsai hence is the most suitable.Organically fertilising a bonsai helps in creation of humus and intern help in the ion exchange process.Also chemical fertilisers like N P K can be applied in a proportionate ratio once in a while to get good result.

Timing for applying fertiliser is also important.Never over fertilise just get result quicker.patience is the key.Understanding the seasonal changes in a plant is crucial in fertilising a bonsai.Feed regularly when plants growing and healthy.Feed less when the leaves have shed.

Advantages of organic fertilisers

It doesn’t harm the plant and is natural product
It forms Humus which plays vital role in Cation exchange
It helps in maintaining soil temperature during summer
It regulates surface moisture of the soil
It creates useful soil enzymes

Loosening the soil helps in keeping soil healthy when organically Fertilising a bonsai.