What next after taking home a Bonsai?

What next after taking home a Bonsai?


How to maintain a Bonsai

This articles aims to help you in taking care of your Bonsai Plant.So how to maintain a bonsai ?Few Factors which play key role for the survival of bonsai are Environment,Water,Plant health,Soil and Specie itself.

As soon as you take home a bonsai make sure you place them in the right place where there is proper sunlight.Certain varieties prefer lot of sunlight while some prefer semi shade.But if you have taken a bonsai tree do not keep them indoors.Keeping them indoor will eventually reduce soil enzyme activities.The tree needs to experience all the seasonal changes in order to carry out its all the functions smoothly.Photosynthesis can only happen when there is proper sunlight.

Treat your Bonsai like a child.

Trimming the branches can be done once branches start thickening.Pinching the shoots will help in back budding.They help in retaining the shape,height and proportion.They help in increasing the branch and leaf density.If there are any old leaves in the plant remove them.if there is any broken branch remove them properly to enhance the beauty of the bonsai.

Watering a Bonsai

Watering has do be done when the surface soil is dry.In general once a day if kept outside,heavy summer it can be
watered twice and if rainy then avoid watering till your soil dries.

The artist might have wired your bonsai to keep it n shape. Usually the wires are kept till the branch become
stiff.But if branch become more thick, the wire will start eating the branch.So remove the wire when branch
thickens.Usually it takes a month or two depending on the specie.

Re pot of a bonsai

Check for the water drainage holes in your pot for every two months.The roots may try to come out of these holes. That’s when you may have to re pot them.the roots will block the water from moving out and also will block the passage of air to other roots.So re pot it.

Re potting has to be avoided during winter and do this in a shaded place.First remove the plant by loosening the side of the pot.If the tree in anchored to a wire remove the wire and then remove the plant.Loosen the soil of the plant at the bottom and sides.Trim the dark roots or the roots at the bottom.Cut around 15% of the roots.Place a cut mosquito net on top of the drainage holes.Put new soil (40% soil 40% sand and 20%)is ideal.after putting the soil place your plant back. Water it after re potting.Do not shake your tree for few days.After two weeks bring it back to your natural place where u had kept it earlier.This ensures your plants live like a true Bonsai.

To keep plants healthy timely fertilising and spraying of insecticides help.Use fertilisers which are diluted.Do not put any fertilisers on roots directly.If the leaf is infected and if infected leaves are few in numbers then remove those leaves.if the entire plant is infected spray a proper insecticide.

Some times certain unnecessary plants or weed grow along your bonsai and take away soil nutrients from them.so remove such plants every time they appear.This ensures the entire nutrition is left for the bonsai plant.

If the roots are too thick for your pot or if u want grow your bonsai more bigger then shift it to a larger pot.Once in a while wipe your pot with soap or shampoo water to keep it clean and shining.

Hope this article gives a gist on how to maintain a bonsai