Impact of Bonsai on mind

Bonsai equals Meditation

By Ajay.H

Stress, stress and stress ! Why, why and why? First we need to recognize the stress and react positively towards it. There can be many causes for stress family, health, finance etc. Today’s world is moving fast our breathing is faster and most of the time we are not at all relaxed. Forget relaxation most of us even don’t want relax. Such is our mental condition. We are ready to take stress releasing tablets but we are not ready to relax.

Gardening, music, yoga, dancing are the best methods of diverting the attention. Once the attention is elsewhere tension will reduce. Tree provide oxygen which in turn refreshes our brain and thought. Hence being near a tree itself is a method of relaxation. In ancient scripts it is mentioned that trees used speak.

Trees are very sensitive and they understand our thought. Many studies have shown that trees react to music. They grow well in classical music. Rock music hinders its growth. Hence it’s very important to understand its psychology.

Many trees have many medicinal properties. Even passing by a Nilgiri forest may heal our headaches. Neem trees are planted to avoid epidemics in villages. These things suggests the effects they have on us. Hence these trees can provide us relief. The same way the mind can be relaxed by concentrating on the green leaves of the tree.

A Bonsai is a miniature tree hence even it posses the power of a tree. Its leaves soothes the eyes. Its air freshens our mind. The activities involved like pinching, pruning, repotting etc will divert our mind hence clearing our thought process. Thus our minds will become free from thoughts. Watering these plants will refresh our mind it will increase our bond with tree. It will end our loneliness also can be our good companion. A tree always listens to us and sends it positive vibrations to us. A bond between tree and human is special. Closing our eyes and sitting in front of a Bonsai tree will be helpful in clearing bad thoughts as we breathe fresh air. New thinking’s will happen and old thought will disappear.

Its significant to notice that even a harsh human can be converted into a humble man while taking care of a Bonsai. Everyday watering, monthly applying fertilizers and spraying pesticides will induce sympathy and care in our heart for the tree. Thus it will help us to be a caring human being. Looking after the Bonsai tree for many years will teach us patience. Hence one can have a mental fitness trainer in the form a Bonsai in our homes. With patience, sympathy, care and humbleness our mind will be free of any guilt and thoughts will be relaxed. Since meditation is a process of relaxation and Bonsai helping in getting it. Bonsai equals meditation.

Written by Ajay.H