Jade Plant Care

Jade Plant Care

Subject Jade Bonsai By Anil Kumar.

Crasulla ovata
Commonly known as jade is a succulent plant.
Basic Caring of Jade
Jade need a tight soil. Less of organic and more red soil and sand.and also not granular
Watering of jade is very important in keeping the plant healthy.Jade if watered heavily may
die hence water it only when the soil is completely dry.Full sun and regular pruning leads
to more foliage.
Feed a fertiliser which has nitrogen for growth and balanced NPK(Nitrogen,Phosophorus and
Potash) 10:10:10 for matured Bonsai.Feed monthly once.
Re pot in spring,3 years once for a matured jade, avoid heavy root pruning
In rainy season keep under protection.
General observation on growing Jades :

1) Always have a quick drying soil. Jades do not like moisture retention. Use 1:1/4:1/4
ratio of red soil : manure : sand.

2) Wire should be regularly monitored. Never wire them tight. Being fleshy if the wire
tightens it harms the bark and eats into your branches. Its difficult to heal later on.

3) For dense foliage keep pinching or pruning, after every two to three new leaves. Jades
sprouts new shoots very easily.

4) Always water your jades very carefully. Make sure your soil dry up before the next
watering. If your soil doesn’t dry up that day. Then water it the next day.

5) Jades love to grow in maximum Sunlight. The more the Sun the better they respond.

6) Feed them with NPK.(19:19:19) Every 15 days. For good growth and better foliage.

By Mr. Anil Kumar