Macro nutrients

Macro nutrients


Nitrogen is an essential nutrient for numerous plant functions and is one of the elemental
components of chlorophyll.Nitrogen fuels vegetative growth, particularly the foliage, stems
and branches.If plants have yellowing leaves or appear stunted with poor growth, the soil
may lack nitrogen.Upper leaf light green lower leaf are yellow


Is a component of 2 compunds invloved in the most significant energy tranformations in a
plant ADP, ATP found in DNA and RNA of a plant.It reamins in soil longer compared to
nitrogen.It helps in root growth and trunk size.Darker leaves but leaf falls off.


Potassium promotes root and bud growth and ripening of fruit.Edges of leaf are yellow
including tips turn brownish.
Along with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, fertilizers contain additional nutrients in
much smaller quantities.
Calcium helps to build a plant’s cell walls Symptoms Leaf dries at tips
Magnesium aids in the creation of components of chlorophyll as well as in a plant’s growth
and repair process.Symptoms Yellowness from oustide and leaf falls eventually
Sulfur helps to build proteins essential to plant growth and the maturation of fruit and
seeds.Leaf turns light green