Meaning of Bonsai

Meaning of Bonsai


The technique of Bonsai first came from China where it was called Pun- Sai. Later on the Japanese adopted these techniques and it became Bonsai. They used many new techniques and styles and it further evolved. In recent times it has spread west and now its reach is global.

What is a Bonsai

They say old is gold its really true for Bonsai. Bonsai is a Japanese term bon meaning container and sai meaning plant .In simple terms it’s a miniature tree in a small pot. Nature is the best teacher for Bonsai and patience is the best tool used. A Bonsai can be mistaken for a small plant but a Bonsai can be small medium or even large which may require few men to carry.

Tree knowledge

The basic concept of a tree can be understood by having a little knowledge of Gardening. A few details of root and shoot system, photosynthesis and behavior of plants towards various seasons will be helpful. The rest will be known automatically once you start growing. In nature the tree comes to shape naturally but if a sapling is left alone in a pot it may become too tall or may go out of shape. So it’s very crucial to control the shape and height of a Bonsai plant. The best inspiration can be found in forest where many old trees can be found in abundance. An old ghost house or bhooth bungalow can have many old trees but never follow my idea ok.

Outdoor and indoor Bonsai

Outdoor Bonsai are tree species which can grow easily in outer environment without much specialized care on temperature or moisture .It’s very easy to get the raw materials of these outdoor plants in nurseries specially easy to find them in forests, parks or garden .Its suitable for garden decoration. These Bonsai grow much faster than indoor Bonsai due to sunlight. Hence a much faster output can be achieved .Indoor Bonsai on the other hand increases the beauty of the home interior and aids in cooling the room. Indoor Bonsai really require extra care and may live shorter. Outdoor Bonsai can be watered by gardener in your absence for a week or so but it’s practically not possible to let the gardener or maid to come inside to water the Bonsai in your absence.


There are many techniques of Bonsai which require work from the beginning stage of the growth till towards the end that is achievement of mature miniature tree. To achieve all these, many tools may be required. For pruning involving trimming of shoots and leaves, sharp and pointed scissors are required. Side branch cutters should be used to get more precise and concave cut towards trunk. For shaping Aluminum or Copper wires can used. The wires should be used based on the strength and flexibility of the branch. The more thick or strong the branch is the more heavy the gauge should be. Pinching the tip of the new shoot through fingers or by tweezers can be done to maintain the overall shape of the tree. Leaf defoliation gives new leaves which can be smaller in size .It’s important to water the plants but never over water it as the roots may decay and also unhealthy watering habits will eventually kill the plant. It’s also important to put fertilizers ,as the amount of soil in a Bonsai pot is very less. A Bonsai has to be repotted when the roots fill the pot and block the water whole.

In short

A Bonsai is a tribute to the natures most beautiful creation, a Tree. A Bonsai is an art of Gardening. A Bonsai is a tree treasure for the future. A tree is a mini Universe ,a mini tree is a Bonsai, Let’s make our home a mini Bonsai universe