Mythologically significant trees

Mythologically significant trees

Mythologically significant trees

Article By Ajay. H

There are many medicinal and spiritual properties for a tree.This article intends to give insight in to spiritual aspects.In our ancient Indian texts many trees are mentioned to have godly properties.These trees have great importance in our traditional rituals.From Birth to Death,Heaven to Earth and Veda to Ayurveda Trees are there every where.

Lets discuss few of the many such religious trees.

Ficus religiosa or Peepal tree.

Ashwatha is what it is called in Sanskrit and in Kannada it is called Arali mara .It is referred as the king of trees.

Moolatho Brahma roopaya, madhyatho Vishnu roopine
Agratha Shiva roopaya , vruksha rajaya they nama

This tree represents Lord Hari. It represents Brihaspathi or guru.The fallen sticks and twigs are used in the Homa
and is the most important wood in any such ritual.Every other wood has an alternate but the wood from Peepal tree has no alternate in Homas. This twig is very important to perform guru shanthi.
Women who are not able to have a child are asked to go round the tree early in the morning for 48 times.There is a special holy ritual where a person conducts marriage of Peepal tree with a Neem tree and builds stone boundary around it.Every individual has to plant this tree at least ones in his life to get blessings of god.Even a person watering these tree shall be benifited. Sitting under this tree and chanting mantra increases the effect of the mantra by manyfold.

Banyan tree

In Sanskrit it is known as Vat Vruksha and in Kannada it is called Aalada mara. Most of the village have court under a Banyan tree . It is believed that if the person tells lies the tree brings misfotune to the person.Hence many hesitate to tell lie under this tree.Lord Krishna in Gita tells he is present in the form of a Banayan .It is also belived that when the maha pralay happend the lord Krishna in the form of a child had come floating on a Banyan leaf.This tree in many scripture is described as an eternal tree indicating its longevity.

Ficus racemosa

Is known as Audumbara in Sanskrit and in Kannada it is called Atthi mara. This tree is the home for Guru Dattatreya. This tree is fruit bearing.This wood or the twig is used in Shukra shanthi ,that is to nullify the ill effects of the Shukra planet.This tree has the power to take negative energy and give positive energy.Hence no black magic works in front of this tree.Planting this tree is considered very sacred and one has to do the Upanayanam for this tree to get its proper benefits.

Prosopis cineraria or Shami tree.

This tree is known as Shami vriskha in Sanskrit and in Kannada it is called Banni mara. The people who are facing saade saath Shani or having planet Shani related problems are asked to do the pradakshina. The wood or the twigs are used to do the Shani shanthi homa. During the Vijayadashami the tree is worshipped and its leaves are exchanged as prasad. In Mahabharatha when the Pandavas went to Viratnagara as a part of their 14 year of exile they hid their weapons in Shammi tree.After one year when they returned they found their weapons intact.The Pandavas seeked the blessings of the tree and emerged victorious.Hence those who worship this tree will prosper and emerge victorious.

Shamee Shameeyathey paapam
Shamee shathru vinashini
Arjunasya Dhanurdhari
Sri Ramasya priyadarshineem

It is believed that placing the shami leaf in cash box at home or office protects the wealth and increases it.

Mango tree

Known as Amra vriksha or chootha vriksha in Sanskrit and Maavina mara in Kannada.This tree is very holy and is used in most of the Auspicious days. It is used in most of the festival. Its leaf is used in kalasha puja. The leaves are tied to the door as they are believed to keep away bad spirits and bring fresh air.

Butea monosperma

In Sanskrit it is Palash and Kannada it is known as Muthuga. For a Brahmin the upanayana is known as the second life and is known as dvija. During this ritual this palash is considered as god and is tied to a stick.It is known to remove the fear the person having the stick.
Palashaam somaya meaning it is very significant to Chandra or the Moon god. Its sticks are used in Homa. Its flowers are used in worshiping lord Shiva.

Written by Ajay