Re pot of a bonsai

Introduction to re pot a bonsai

Re pot of a bonsai is a process of changing the soil and trimming of excess roots for a bonsai plant.This is basically done for changing the soil and improving root health.

Repotting a young Bonsai can be done yearly Before the arrival of monsoon also for a mature tree re pot it once in 2 years. Re pot of a bonsai involves a good soil mix . Keep repotted bonsai in shade till new leaves arise or for around 20 days.Excess of roots needs to be trimmed during Re pot of a bonsai.

Tips : Avoid re-pot during winter.

Pot maintenance

Clean the area around the pot so that it enhances the look of your Bonsai.Apply wax spray around them gently so that algae or dust skids off the surface.Use brushes to remove the dirt underneath the pot.