Root Rot

Root Rot

Root rotting is not a disease,Root rot is the process due to anaerobic reaction taken place inside the pot soil.
Due to certain resonance soil get tighten and oxygen (fresh air) may not reach over there ,on this condition the anaerobic bacteria and fungus become active and decomposes all organic matters.Due to this reaction certain harmful chemicals release like alcohol etc which are affecting on fresh roots and kills the root and the root becomes rotten .

How to avoid root rot—
1.The top soil in a pot needs to be loosen regularly
2.The top soil (1cm) should be dry before watering
3.Check the drainage holes of the pot ,water should come out easily . Proper drain arrangement its very important.
4 . While watering ,use jet of shower (pressured watering system) on the soil so that any harmful chemicals and bacteria comes out through drain holes if they presence and the PH level of the soil will be maintained thus soil will be conditions. (This method may be useful once in week)
5.Good potting mix to be used
i.e.porous soil (mix of course aggregate soil and thick organic matters.)

Tips to get more Fruits n Flower

For Bonsai of Fruits and flowers plants, use potash rich fertilizers to be used regularly once in 15 days and
Once flower bud started come ,stop fertilizing and water to be reduced to increase the flowers n fruit growth.

By Mr. Anil Kumar