Selection of Bonsai specie

Introduction to Selection of bonsai specie

The first process of Bonsai making is the most important process that is selecting the right tree to start.The choice of the tree plays very crucial role in the Bonsai Journey.It is important to note that every plant can be potted in a Ceramic pot but not all turn to become a good Bonsai.Hence selection of bonsai specie becomes very important.

Climate Role in selection of bonsai specie

The climate plays a major role while selection of a Bonsai specie.Always select plant that is suitable for the climate you live in.All the personal favourite plant or flowers need not, in the long run turn out to be a good Bonsai.Hence its very important to keep a long term goal before choosing a plant.

A good Bonsai must have a good trunk taper, properly arranged main branches,secondary and tertiary branches.The form of the bonsai can be natural or rule book way.Fruits and flowers in a bonsai is good but it should not be the most important criteria, its secondary.A fruiting plants life is very less compared to a foliage tree.Bonsai containers are not specifically made for fruiting varieties.More over plants like lemon,mousambi do not withstand wiring,regular die back of branches does not give good appearance.

Considering the above criteria here a few varieties suiting our climate

Selection of bonsai specie

Ficus microcarpa
Arjuna tree
Ficus longisland
Brazilian rain tree
Banayan tree
Ficus religiosa or Peepal tree
Chinese Elm
Ficus viren
Fukien tea
Pithocellobium dulce or juglee jalebi
Ficus mysorensis
Ficus racemosa
Streblus asper or sandpaper tree
Ficus triangularis
Wood apple
Casuarina equisetifolia
Ficus rumphii

Few plants that are not suitable for bonsai(which can be avoided)

Palm tree
Golden Benjamina
Starlight varigated

Try choosing green foliage tree varieties so that you can enjoy an ever lasting bond with your Bonsai.Also note that sunlight is compulsory for all of them.Always choose a healthy plant which has good branching.Allow the plant to grow to your full satisfaction before shifting it into a bonsai pot.

By Ajay H