Soil mix for a bonsai

Soil mix for a bonsai

Soil plays the most important role is keeping the entire plant healthy through out its journey.Soil mix for a bonsai should be simple and well drained.When re potting a plant soil mix plays a very crucial role.Use locally available soil materials for the best result.Keeping the soil fancy sometimes helps but sometimes can be disastrous.

Materials used

A) Soil

B) Sieved sand

C) Cocopeat

D) Verimiculate

E) Charcoal

F) Compost

Mix them proportionately depending on the plant used.Some plants like moisture retention while some hate.Aggregates can be used for a mature plant but it has to be well watered.

Soil mix for a bonsai varies from plant to plant and region to region,But the best results are obtained if the formula is kept simple.

Soil Maintenance for a Bonsai plant

The soil surface condition is also equally important for both health and appearance of the plant.Removal of dead leaves and thorns from soil surface is priority.Also remove the unwanted weeds so the plants get sufficient nutrients and the drain holes doesn’t get blocked.Do not keep the top soil extremely saturated with organic matter.Loosen the surface soil once in while to remove weeds and helping roots get more oxygen.