Use local trees for Bonsai than Fancy Foreign trees

Use local trees for Bonsai than Fancy Foreign trees

Use local trees for Bonsai than Fancy Foreign trees


By Ajay. H

If there is any one country where trees are worshiped like god it has to be India. Perhaps
no other culture lays emphasis on environmental preservation as ours. Many sacred texts of ours
mentions the importance of preserving the nature .Many today even in modern India worship trees
showing that this culture has been Genetic. Almost all sacred places have century old trees.
Every town or village have trees preserved or even worshiped. Many Villages don’t have bus
stand shelter but have a tree shelter. Ecology has been given utmost importance in our
culture. The Prakruthi or the nature has been equaled to god. Even the earth has been called
as Bhoomi devi or Bhoo mata, Sun is Surya bhagwan, Cow is Gomata, river is Ganga, Rain is
Varuna, wind as Vaayu and we perhaps see god in every living being on this planet such is our

There has been argument that Bonsai originally came from India but it’s still not clear. Leave
it aside now let’s read this mantra of a tree.

Moolatho Brahma roopaya,madyatho Vishnu roopini,

Agrathe Shiva roopaya,Vriksha raajaythe namah.,

Its saluting the Aswatha vriksha or Peepal tree or Ficus religosa calling it the king of trees
whose root are from Brahma, middle from Vishnu and top or head is from Shiva. Indicating the
presence of srusthi stithi laya that is creation preservation and destruction all located in that
single tree. So calling it a universe is not wrong at all. Co incidentally it is the same
tree which discharges Oxygen even at the night. Thus we have been told to worship and not to cut
it. In other words our shastras are aiding in preserving these tree for the future. Such a
beautiful concept can originate only from India. Now let’s name few similar trees.

Banyan tree : This tree has a mention in Mahabharatha. This tree has been worshipped from

Bilva vriksha: This tree is associated with lord Shiva. Its highly medicinal and even a single
leaf of this tree is put on Shiva its equal-ant to worshiping him for many years.

Ashoka tree: This tree is associated to Kama Deva. It’s also found in temples and Buddhist

Mango tree : King of fruits mango is also sacred .Its leaves are air purifiers often placed with
a string above the main entrance door. Its sticks are also used for rituals.

Many other trees like Coconut, Sandalwood, Thulsi etc are considered sacred. Even the
Ayurveda was from our culture itself. The reason to mention all these things is that we are
slowly destroying all such beautiful sacred trees. Reasons are many like increasing
population and urbanization, industrialization, decrease in agriculture, greed and money.
Today’s kids are busy with laptops and video games instead of enjoying with birds and trees.
Most of the trees on streets are chopped off. Are we leaving no trees for the future?

One the best mode of preserving these rare and sacred Indian trees is by Bonsai .This doesn’t
require much space and if required in future it can be planted on ground which will again become
big tree. In this way we can help in building a good environment. One of the best ways to
improve air quality in by having a Peepal or Mango tree.

Today our elders tell that they do not find many trees of their times .One of the reason is their
generation didn’t preserve it. But even today if we leave such trees and bring only foreign
variety trees then who is going to preserve them. It’s not that we are not preserving but
what we are doing is not enough .At Bonsai Mane I pledge to preserve such trees through my

Written by Ajay.H