Vision of Bonsai Mane

The prime Vision is to make Bonsai more deep and meaningful.

The basic concept is to grow trees which can be kept at least for 50 years because i want them to be a part of our homes for many generations just like an ancestral property.Want kids to know life beyond laptops and video games. The aim is to grow all varieties of trees suitable for our climate and also for bonsai.Very importantly I would be exploring Bengaluru road side trees to give it a home touch.

The best way to spend time is by sitting next to a tree.A tree represents the universe.Tree is the biggest education university on this planet as it teaches life.It is an elderly citizen of the society and it has to be respected and cared.Technically speaking the best way to serve a nation is by planting trees.The reason is simple, it provides the most essential component for human survival Air.Besides providing shelter,fruits and reducing the global heat level.A tree gives shade to all regardless of caste,gender,religion,color etc. A Bonsai is a reminder of all these things. Bonsai is the best method for preserving rare trees for the future.

A Bonsai a miniature tree in a small pot.Its an ancient art.Bonsai by default is not small tree but instead a normal tree will be trained to become a Bonsai.The representation of a tree in its natural form in a pot is Bonsai. Many trees in nature have high medicinal and religious significance.Speaking of my city Bengaluru let me tell u that it has lost most of its trees already.Due to heavy urbanization and development we are losing our precious trees.

It is unavoidable now we have gone too far to bring them back.A Bonsai always offers us a chance to bring all those trees to our home in a miniature form.These bonsai can become a beautiful hobby.They can be given as a gift on special occasions.Most importantly these are excellent garden enhancers. Let me tell u its great stress buster.In today’s busy life style everyday we face many problems and there will be stress and tension.So most of them take stress relief tablets.Instead water these Bonsai or even having a look at them will relieve lot of stress.Its natural and has good effects and zero side effects