Watering a Bonsai plant

water spray

Introduction to watering a bonsai plant

Watering a plant is one of the most important process in Bonsai care.Bonsai Should be taken care so that it doesn’t dry out or get water logged.Outdoor bonsai in rainy season does not need watering.The surface soil has to be little dry before next watering.But never water in a way that the soil or the root gets waterlogged because the root may rot and the plant will die.

Watering Duration

The frequency of watering may vary because of reasons like season,soil combination or surface temperature.Make sure to change your watering habits accordingly.There should not be any routine method,water when the plants need them.If the surface is not drying properly try loosening the top soil.When leaf shedding happens water less.

To water a plant do not use a pipe or mug use a rose can or spray can as it doesn’t affect the top soil much.