what next after taking home a bonsai ?

Maintaining a bonsai is similar to maintaining any other potted plants.There is no special skills required for this.Few Factors which play key role for the survival of bonsai are Environment,Water,Plant health,Soil and Specie itself.

Ficus Longisland
Selection of Bonsai

The first process of Bonsai making is the most important process that is selecting the right tree to start.The choice of the tree plays very crucial role in the Bonsai Journey.The climate plays a major role while selection of a Bonsai.


Bonsai is an art of connecting trees and minds.It is a life time companion and beyond. Bonsai is an symbol of peace.It is an art of the heart. As soon as a person sees a bonsai he feels relaxed and happy.

Gulmohar Bonsai
Mythologically significant trees

Indian trees are the best trees in the world. Hence making bonsai of them is should be the first choice.Growing locally available trees brings positivity and fondness towards ones culture and nation.


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How to grow bonsai from a seed?

All the information shared here is in accordance to the climate of Bengaluru.

The oldest known technique of propagating a plant is by seed.A seed is a capsule containing the plant embryo.Some seeds are coated while some are not.In proper growing conditions the seeds becomes a new plant.

The seeds are part of the plant reproduction.Some seeds in nature are edible like nuts,cereals etc which contain essential nutrients.While some seeds are used to extract oil example Groundnut,Sunflower etc.

Few trees grown in this method

Common trees that are grown in this method are Gulmohar,Tamarind,Cassia,Albizia saman , Acacia, Syzygium cumini, Terminalia arjuna etc.

The seeds can be collected from the nature or it can be purchased online.How ever it is hard to find tree seeds in a retail store these days.Do not store the collected seeds for a long time use them at the earliest.Soak the collected seed in warm water over night.Soaking will help in softening the seed coat.If the seed size is small like a mustard do not soak them.

Take a germination tray 3 to 4 inch deep.Cover the holes of the tray with a mosquito net or a steel net.For potting medium use a mixture of cocopeat,perlite or sand.Cocopeat is available as block or powdered form.If it is in block form soak the block.Loosen the soaked block to extract the powdered cocopeat.If perlite is not available use sand.Put the potting medium in the tray and moisten it.Now sow the soaked seeds about 2cm deep.Do not sow it too deep.

Water the tray before they dry using a spray can.Keep the tray away from the pets and protect them from heavy rain.Some seeds germinate fast while some may take months to germinate.Allow the plants to grow properly at least for a season before transplanting them.Make sure they have healthy leaves and roots.Once the roots starts coming out of the tray holes,remove the plant and place them in a grow bag.

The soil in the growing bag can be a mixture of red soil,sand and manure.Allow the plant to grow healthy and prune them if required.Grow at least for a couple of years in the bag with proper fertilising. If the trunk has to bent to achieve complex shape bend it went is flexible itself using wires.But do not wire all the branches .Allow the plant to grow and then shape them.Once your satisfied with the result shift the tree in to the bonsai tray or pot.Remember it may take several years to achieve a proper bonsai.So always have time for it.

The advantages of growing from this method

a) the durability of the tree is high
b) Shaping is easy
c) One can learn from the scratch the entire bonsai making process and growth of the plant.
d)The emotional bonding between human and the tree increases if he sees them grow from day one.

Written By Ajay.H

Bonsai Philosophy

Bonsai makes us Immortal.


Spiritually all the things in the world are connected. The soul is eternal but our physical body dies but only to be sent back to nature.

The basic questions are

Who am I ?
Where i am from ?
Where do i go ?

Everything in this universe has come from one single source of energy particle also known as God. It also means one part of the energy particle split during the formation of universe is still in us. It means that God is there in everything. One has to realize it by awakening our mind.

Speaking of a Tree or in this case a Bonsai, it also has come from the same energy source. A Tree survives for thousands of years collecting all energy sources from surroundings in the form of light, wind, water etc. While it keeps some of them it releases the others to keep a balance.

Two body one soul

A Bonsai grower is always associated with his Bonsai. He or she may spend at least half an hour with them. In this way transferring his mind and energy on them. Be it in the form of air one exhales or touch or even watering them. These exchange between the owner and the tree luckily happens for many many years since Bonsai have good life span. The regular care taken towards them also sub consciously draws the owners towards these trees. These energy particles will be stored preciously in these trees in the form of tissue, leaves and branches .Hence keeping the owners breath for ever in itself.

Hence for me it’s important to have such trees which have such life span. Which can grow for years with us and also for years without us. A tree or plant with short span of life when dies it takes away a part of us with it. But a tree with greater life span keeps us even after we die. It will keep our breath, time and energy in it reminding the future generation about us. Its poetic yet realistic.

It keeps us alive in it. Through this way one can tell kids that if they want to remember us forever you need not see the photo or stars in the sky. Just go near these plants feel our presence.

These bonsai when planted in ground will live for hundreds or even thousands of years. Hence it will only be great if our favorite Bonsai are planted on the ground in our memory once we exit of our physical form. Hence making us immortal and also doing our bit to mother nature.

This is truly my perspective or vision. One may agree or disagree.

Written by Ajay.H

Impact of Bonsai on Mind

Stress, stress and stress ! Why, why and why? First we need to recognise the stress and react positively towards it. There can be many causes for stress family, health, finance etc. Today’s world is moving fast our breathing is faster and most of the time we are not at all relaxed. Forget relaxation most of us even don’t want relax. Such is our mental condition. We are ready to take stress releasing tablets but we are not ready to relax.

Gardening, music, yoga, dancing are the best methods of diverting the attention. Once the attention is elsewhere tension will reduce. Tree provide oxygen which in turn refreshes our brain and thought. Hence being near a tree itself is a method of relaxation. In ancient scripts it is mentioned that trees used speak.

Trees are very sensitive and they understand our thought. Many studies have shown that trees react to music. They grow well in classical music. Rock music hinders its growth. Hence it’s very important to understand its psychology.

The Scent of the tree refreshes the mind

Many trees have many medicinal properties. Even passing by a Nilgiri forest may heal our headaches. Neem trees are planted to avoid epidemics in villages. These things suggests the effects they have on us. Hence these trees can provide us relief. The same way the mind can be relaxed by concentrating on the green leaves of the tree.

A Bonsai is a miniature tree hence even it posses the power of a tree. Its leaves soothes the eyes. Its air freshens our mind. The activities involved like pinching, pruning, repotting etc will divert our mind hence clearing our thought process. Thus our minds will become free from thoughts. Watering these plants will refresh our mind it will increase our bond with tree. It will end our loneliness also can be our good companion. A tree always listens to us and sends it positive vibrations to us. A bond between tree and human is special. Closing our eyes and sitting in front of a Bonsai tree will be helpful in clearing bad thoughts as we breathe fresh air. New thinking’s will happen and old thought will disappear.

Converting of Mind

Its significant to notice that even a harsh human can be converted into a humble man while taking care of a Bonsai. Everyday watering, monthly applying fertilizers and spraying pesticides will induce sympathy and care in our heart for the tree. Thus it will help us to be a caring human being. Looking after the Bonsai tree for many years will teach us patience. Hence one can have a mental fitness trainer in the form a Bonsai in our homes. With patience, sympathy, care and humbleness our mind will be free of any guilt and thoughts will be relaxed. Since meditation is a process of relaxation and Bonsai helping in getting it. Bonsai equals meditation.

Written by Ajay.H

Jade Plant Care

Crasulla ovata
Commonly known as jade is a succulent plant.Basic Caring of Jade. It needs a porous soil. Less of organic and more red soil and sand and also not granular media.Watering of jade is very important in keeping the plant healthy.Jade if watered heavily may die hence water it only when the soil is completely dry.Full sun and regular pruning leads to more foliage.
Feed a fertiliser which has nitrogen for growth and balanced NPK(Nitrogen,Phosophorus and Potash) 10:10:10 for matured Bonsai.Feed monthly once.

General Tips

Re pot in spring,3 years once for a matured jade, avoid heavy root pruning .In rainy season keep under protection.
General observation on growing Jades :

1) Always have a quick drying soil. Jades do not like moisture retention. Use 1:1/4:1/4
ratio of red soil : manure : sand.

2) Wire should be regularly monitored. Never wire them tight. Being fleshy if the wire tightens it harms the bark and eats into your branches. Its difficult to heal later on.

3) For dense foliage keep pinching or pruning, after every two to three new leaves. Jades sprouts new shoots very easily.

4) Always water your jades very carefully. Make sure your soil dry up before the next watering. If your soil doesn’t dry up that day. Then water it the next day.

5) Jades love to grow in maximum Sunlight. The more the Sun the better they respond.

6) Feed them with NPK.(19:19:19) Every 15 days. For good growth and better foliage.

By Mr. Anil Kumar


If there is any one country where trees are worshiped like god it has to be India. Perhaps no other culture lays emphasis on environmental preservation as ours. Many sacred texts of ours mentions the importance of preserving the nature .Many today even in modern India worship trees showing that this culture has been Genetic. Almost all sacred places have century old trees.
Every town or village have trees preserved or even worshipped. Many Villages don’t have bus stand shelter but have a tree shelter.

Importance of tree in our culture

Ecology has been given utmost importance in our culture. The Prakruthi or the nature has been equalled to god. Even the earth has been called as Bhoomi devi or Bhoo mata, Sun is Surya bhagwan, Cow is Gomata, river is Ganga, Rain is Varuna, wind as Vaayu and we perhaps see god in every living being on this planet such is our culture.

There has been argument that Bonsai originally came from India but it’s still not clear. Leave it aside now let’s read this mantra of a tree.

Sanskrit Mantra for Ficus religiosa

Moolatho Brahma roopaya,madyatho Vishnu roopini,

Agrathe Shiva roopaya,Vriksha raajaythe namah.,

Its saluting the Aswatha vriksha or Peepal tree or Ficus religiosa calling it the king of trees whose root are from Brahma, middle from Vishnu and top or head is from Shiva. Indicating the presence of srusthi stithi laya that is creation preservation and destruction all located in that single tree. So calling it a universe is not wrong at all. Co incidentally it is the same tree which discharges Oxygen even at the night. Thus we have been told to worship and not to cut it. In other words our shastras are aiding in preserving these tree for the future. Such a beautiful concept can originate only from India. Now let’s name few similar trees.

Banyan tree : This tree has a mention in Mahabharatha. This tree has been worshipped from centuries.

Bilva vriksha: This tree is associated with lord Shiva. Its highly medicinal and even a single leaf of this tree is put on Shiva its equal-ant to worshiping him for many years.

Ashoka tree: This tree is associated to Kama Deva. It’s also found in temples and Buddhist monasteries.

Mango tree : King of fruits mango is also sacred .Its leaves are air purifiers often placed with a string above the main entrance door. Its sticks are also used for rituals.

Many other trees like Coconut, Sandalwood, Thulsi etc are considered sacred. Even the Ayurveda was from our culture itself. The reason to mention all these things is that we are slowly destroying all such beautiful sacred trees. Reasons are many like increasing population and urbanization, industrialization, decrease in agriculture, greed and money. Today’s kids are busy with laptops and video games instead of enjoying with birds and trees. Most of the trees on streets are chopped off. Are we leaving no trees for the future?

Bonsai can be used for growing holy trees at Home

One the best mode of preserving these rare and sacred Indian trees is by Bonsai .This doesn’t require much space and if required in future it can be planted on ground which will again become big tree. In this way we can help in building a good environment. One of the best ways to improve air quality in by having a Peepal or Mango tree.

Today our elders tell that they do not find many trees of their times .One of the reason is their generation didn’t preserve it. But even today if we leave such trees and bring only foreign variety trees then who is going to preserve them. It’s not that we are not preserving but what we are doing is not enough .At Bonsai Mane I pledge to preserve such trees through my Bonsai.

Written by Ajay.H

Bonsai Myth and Misconception

Bonsai plants are often subjected to unscientific myths and this article is aimed at clearing Bonsai Myth and Misconception

  • A) The Bonsai plants are natural dwarf varieties

This the most common misunderstood concept.A bonsai by default is not a dwarf plant.It is a normal plant which is trained to be a miniature.It is an art form that can be created using almost any tree.

  • B) Bonsai is a indoor plant

This indoor plant concept is often used by many bonsai seller to attract more customers.Most bonsai are outdoor variety.Bonsai is not a house plant, it can be kept outside the house.Bonsai is usually kept indoor to avoid certain harsh climate like snowfall or cyclone.Bonsai is suitable for garden,balcony or terrace.Remember the school days,when chapters of photosynthesis was taught.Sun light is the chief source of food to the plant.

  • C) The fruits of a Bonsai is small

With proper care and pruning the leaf size of a plant reduces.However the size of fruit is normal.The quantity on the fruit will be lesser than regular plant but quality and size remains unaffected.

  • D) Bonsai is very tough to maintain

Bonsai requires regular care.But it is easy to maintain since the process of maintenance is similar to any potted plant.Since most of the bonsai are already shaped all you require is to water.prune,fertilise and re pot(yearly or as required) for the plant.The bonsai can be kept by anyone who loves these plants.

  • E) Pruning,wiring is a torture to the plant

Wires are not kept permanently and are removed once the stem is thick.Pruning gives birth to new shoots and thus helps in keeping the plant healthy.Some people argue that it is against the nature ,then all potted plants have to be seen in the same way.Why target the Bonsai alone?Bonsai trees are not starved or deprived of nutrition.They are taken care like a child and are the most pampered plant in the garden.

  • F) Any tree in a ceramic pot is a Bonsai

This often happens in few nurseries which tries to over smart the customers.A stick like plant or a twig in a pot will remain a stick or twig no matter how expensive or attractive the pot is.A tree has to be in a good shape and health.Avoid thulasi,rose,marigold etc for bonsai.Its a combination of a good tree and good pot that make a good Bonsai.

  • G) Bonsai plants doesn’t require watering and feeding

Watering is the most important procedure so please water your plants properly.Bonsai requires constant attention.In summer watering can be done twice but during rainy season avoid watering till the surface soil dries.Nutrients are lost during watering hence feed it well .

  • H) Bonsai tree does not grow.

Bonsai is a living plant which requires good care.Since Bonsai is pruned it may not grow tall but definitely new branch and leaf formation,thickening of the trunk,growth of the root keeps happening.The growth in a mature plant may be slow when compared to a young plant.Only an artificial bonsai or a dead bonsai doesn’t grow.A regular bonsai keeps growing,changing and evolving.

Written by Ajay.H

Root Rot

Root rotting is not a disease,Root rot is the process due to anaerobic reaction taken place inside the pot soil.
Due to certain resonance soil get tighten and oxygen (fresh air) may not reach over there ,on this condition the anaerobic bacteria and fungus become active and decomposes all organic matters.Due to this reaction certain harmful chemicals release like alcohol etc which are affecting on fresh roots and kills the root and the root becomes rotten .

How to avoid Root rot

1.The top soil in a pot needs to be loosen regularly
2.The top soil (1cm) should be dry before watering
3.Check the drainage holes of the pot ,water should come out easily . Proper drain arrangement its very important.
4 . While watering ,use jet of shower (pressured watering system) on the soil so that any harmful chemicals and bacteria comes out through drain holes if they presence and the PH level of the soil will be maintained thus soil will be conditions. (This method may be useful once in week)
5.Good potting mix to be used
i.e.porous soil (mix of course aggregate soil and thick organic matters.)

Tips to get more Fruits n Flower

For Bonsai of Fruits and flowers plants, use potash rich fertilizers to be used regularly once in 15 days and
Once flower bud started come ,stop fertilizing and water to be reduced to increase the flowers n fruit growth.

By Mr. Anil Kumar

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